Notes from the Farmer’s Daughter – Art Gallery Opening in Lyndhurst September 17th

Lyndhurst resident and artist Victoria Gilpin lives in a tiny home with her little dog, Pickles; however, her talent is anything but small.

Victoria began her journey as a full-time artist seven years ago after she retired from the Ontario Education system, where she was a Special Education Teacher for fourteen years. She tells me she has always been artistic; even as a young child, she felt the desire to create and connect with nature as her muse.

For Victoria, as an artist, her most significant turning point was not when she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts; instead, it was when she began to trust her intuition to guide her. According to Victoria, “creative expression feeds her soul,” and “she creates pieces that hold healing and grounding energy for others with the belief that her artwork will connect with the person it is meant for.”

That belief could not be more true, as Victoria has shipped her artwork across Canada, spanning from the west coast to the east and into the US. People discover Victoria’s work through her various online sites and her participation in online art shows. And now, those visiting Lyndhurst will have a chance to view her artwork in person at her new gallery at 102 Cook Street. Lyndhurst. A 6’x 8’ space she and her sister, Jayne Fisher, built “from the ground up out of recycled materials.”

Jayne, an artist in her own right, refurbishes old forgotten furniture and turns them into signature pieces. She welcomed her sister Victoria home to Lyndhurst by offering her a 265 sq ft section of her home and now the space for Victoria to showcase her work. There will be an additional tent set up on the day of the open house, which has been set to coincide with the Lyndhurst Turkey Fair, September 17th, from 10 am to 4 pm.

I have followed Victoria’s journey from a mosaic artist in the early days to author and illustrator of two self-published children’s books (Benjamin’s Tree and Beatrice Makes a Promise) to the creator of a Devine Feminine painting series and now a sculptor. It is no surprise that Victoria’s pieces have found new homes across the country, as there is a story and energy within every painting or sculpture that Victoria brings to life.

Ms. Gilpin, a soft-spoken woman with a gentle manner and equally kind heart, is the perfect messenger for these pieces to take form. Victoria creates her pieces, whether it be paintings on canvas or shaping clay by hand, without the use of sketches, moulds or any preconceived plan. She opens herself up to freely let the soul of the design reveal itself to her as she works. Her works of art are indeed one of a kind.

I urge those looking for something unique to take the time Saturday, September 17th and step inside Victoria’s gallery. Florence, a whimsical whale, watches from over the entryway while woodland folk like the Warrior, Forest Guardian and Tree Keeper look on from a corner table. New garden bells hang from a rustic rake, and mystical paintings adorn the walls.

If the idea of fawn spirit sculptures isn’t enough to intrigue you to stop by and say hi to Victoria, then perhaps entering the raffle she has planned for the open house will with over $250 worth of Victoria’s art pieces, a gift certificate and more.

After the open house, viewings will be by appointment or online at, or

The popular artist plans to add workshops to her offering for the Spring of 2023 for those asking to learn about sculpting. Sign me up!

P.S. I couldn’t resist making a purchase for myself 😉

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