Notes from The Farmer’s Daughter – Renovating Daisy May

We have officially traded in our waterfront property on Upper Beverley Lake for the shores of lovely Lyndhurst Lake.

A farmhouse fixer-upper wasn’t something either of us put on our wish list this time, yet the connection I felt when viewing the place was too strong to deny.

As I looked out on the water and wandered the grounds, I got an overwhelming feeling of being close to my grandmother, who had long since passed. That sensation of Grandma being nearby was no surprise as I suspected it was triggered by the knowledge that her burial plot sits across the lake at Lyndhurst cemetery.

I also thought perhaps my Great Grandmother’s photo featured on the park plaque only a short distance away might be the reason for the peaceful presence that came over me.

However, when speaking with my mother only a couple of days later, once the decision to purchase had already been made, did I learn why I could have been struck with such powerful feelings. My Grandmother, Joanne (Harvey) Putnam, had once saved a woman from drowning in that lake I was gazing upon.

Such a remarkable thing to learn of my grandmother, a person I had always adored and admired. To say this place was meant to be for us might be pushing it for two who have moved as much as us, but the thought of being able to have a hand in breathing new life into this old beauty by the lake is exciting, to say the least.

We realize the road ahead will be full of challenges, as any renovation is. To help us get off to a good start, I have already chatted with the helpful people at the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) and the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands (TLTI) to find out what we do and don’t need permits for.

Like any meaningful thing, I thought we should give this home a name. I decided to call her Daisy May. Interestingly after I chose the name Daisy, I stumbled upon a tag planted deep into an old perennial flower bed near the barn, and of course, it was a tag for daisies. I looked up what daises symbolize, and it was a perfect fit; they symbolize new beginnings, rebirth, renewal and hope, love, cheerfulness, warmth and joy. What a perfect name for this home, and May, her second name, was chosen because that was the month we made the purchase agreement.

You can follow along on our journey with Daisy May at A BIG thank you to our outstanding Realtor and long-time Lyndhurst resident Terri Wood of Bickerton Brokers Ltd. for helping with our sale and purchase!

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