Notes From The Farmer’s Daughter – New gym business is the perfect fit!

I recently caught up with Karen Lowry, owner of Rideau Fit Co., a new gym conveniently located at 106-108 Drynan Way, Seeley’s Bay.

Karen took time out of her busy schedule to give me a tour of her freshly renovated facilities and even let me test some of the impressive exercise equipment. The brightly lit space has the perfect mix of bold colours and modern machines to help keep a person feeling energized and motivated.

Before our meeting, I admit I was a little intimidated to sit down with, or I should say walk in place with a personal trainer, even if it was for an interview and not an exercise session. However, Karen made me feel comfortable from the get-go, and I suddenly felt compelled to do something about my less-than-fit physique; perhaps booking some time with Karen is just the thing I need to get my chicken wing arms back into shape.

The first time Solo Entrepreneur shared details of her journey into the fitness world. Hearing Karen’s story of healing an injured back through exercise to beat chronic lower back pain and avoid surgery was inspiring and touched me personally because of my past injuries. Karen explained how incorporating regular strength training into her life was the best decision she ever made, and she claims she is “completely free of the back pain that once ruled her life.”

Her reason for becoming a Personal Trainer is to help others learn to heal their bodies the way she did. Karen’s goal to assist clients in achieving a “level of fitness that enables them to enjoy their most fulfilling life” is admirable. Working with individuals in their own homes and teaching local fitness classes within community halls for the past couple of years, Karen realized the need for a convenient and accessible fitness facility in the area. Thus, Rideau Fit Co. was born, and with it, access to a full range of new, commercial-grade strength training and cardio equipment with gym memberships and personal training packages.

With a celebratory open house held only a couple of weeks ago, Karen tells me the response so far has been good, with the most surprising thing being now that she owns a gym, she finds it more challenging to find time to get her own workouts in. She hinted that fitness classes might be added in the fall, depending on demand.

In Karen’s words, Rideau Fit Co. is a gym designed “as an inclusive environment where one can work on improving or maintaining one’s physical and mental health.’ She will continue expanding the equipment and class range as gym membership grows.

Karen says, “Personal training is a great way to jump-start a fitness journey, especially for someone with limited gym experience,” and she is happy to provide anyone interested in a tour. “Putting time, energy and money into improving your health is always a worthwhile investment,” states Karen and how true that is.

For those of you that might be sitting on the fence, like myself, I encourage you to reach out to Karen by email at or check out her website and request a tour.

Members enjoy keyless entry access from 6 am to 10 pm Mon.–Fri. and 6 am – 8 pm Sat. & Sundays. The equipment is sanitized regularly, and the gym is equipped with an emergency landline phone, first aid kit and video surveillance for member safety.

Rideau Fit Co. and owner Karen Lowry are sure to help build stronger, healthier bodies and minds in our community.

Rideau Fit Co. Owner, Karen Lowry
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