Notes from The Farmer’s Daughter – Words to remember

A few years ago, I recall being out and about on a Black Friday trying to get some of my Christmas Shopping completed and running into a family friend. We talked briefly that day with the usual small talk like acquaintances often do.

I made an off-the-cuff comment (with admittedly a tone of complaint) about having a huge list of people to shop for. That women’s response has stuck with me since that day forward. She looked me right in the eyes and said, “Be thankful you have a large list to shop for because that means you are close to a lot of people, and you are blessed to have a growing family. Many people as they age find themselves with a list that gets shorter because they drift apart, lose contact or worse, they have had to say goodbye forever.”

That woman, a childhood friend’s, Mother, I’m sure never realized how important her words of wisdom were to me that day.  I am often reminded of the advice she shared, especially around this time of year. Since that day, I have approached our ever-expanding gift list with gratefulness for all those in my life.

I still go out shopping on Black Friday and local Shop and Hop events because I prefer to buy more by spending less. I am thankful that I have some special Farmers who remain on my list.

I find Farmers (men and women) are some of the easiest to buy for because what farmer doesn’t need warm socks, new gloves, a tasty treat or two, the latest addition to the Farmer’s Almanac and a renewed subscription to The Review Mirror.

If you are like me and are fortunate to have some farming family members or friends on your list, another suggestion is to gift them something you have made with your own hands, such as a toque, blanket, birdhouse, or painting. Farmer’s can appreciate the time and effort you have put into your art or craft, and like growing vegetables, raising animals, or producing cheese, farmers know all too well that your time spent creating a product comes from the heart.

Remember, your gift need not be one of monetary value. Instead, give the gift of time. I don’t know of any family member, friend or farmer who would turn down a chance to spend time together, reminiscing, laughing or even doing the chores together.

Time spent together is a gift that is instantly reciprocal and is the best gift of all!

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